Price and quality, silica gel products how to distinguishing quality standards!

by:Cupidove     2020-09-14

in recent years, silica gel products almost has entered into a new level, a lot of product requirements and the quality gradually improved, and as long as it is a product of the process is the difference between it and the quality of points, so to identify a product besides appearance, still need to the inner core, and a variety of silicone products currently on the market price difference is too much, it is the same in appearance, performance above are different, so the key to distinguish the quality of the product nature becomes the question!

different pattern is the same price? Have different reasons, the first is the different process and silicon manufacturers, the production and processing mainly depend on quantity, when you are a product of the production capacity can reach very high in a day when the price would be relatively low some, specific or look at the design of the mould structure and factory production technology, a set of mould can open multiple cavity determines the efficiency of the product, an employee of the operation and quality and determines the quality of the product with the bad control, and poor control efficiency naturally.

same products same appearance but different price that depends on whether the product value this price, so the analysis of the quality of the product can know the product is good or bad, choose different rubber products will surely have different price, how much the current common rubber adhesive for gas phase, as well as an ordinary glue and medical grade silicone, so distinguish it belong to which kind of material, the performance of the different materials have different products of springback is good, tensile effect how, deformation situation is good or bad, whether boast skillful use can be achieved using standard and so on!

in addition to the main reason for the silicone products have different prices or see the silicone products supplier is belong to which kind of size, general large silicone manufacturers with industry standards and standards of raw materials price quotations on reasonable profit, and small and medium enterprises are carried out in accordance with the competition order, with low price competition, will lower earnings or choose low cost of production and processing, so choose low price of silica gel products is the need to distinguish the quality of the products difference!

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