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by:Cupidove     2020-05-01
Contact many customers friends had a order will be shipped tomorrow mood today, actually the silicone products industry is also has many processes, and the preparation process of silicone rubber products is a very important process, also is the first working procedure, generally need to process of silicone products rubber products are preparation work procedure, printing, molding process and coating process, and the preparation process is often directly determine the hardness of silicone rubber products, handle, color, material process in the role of all the work can be seen, below take you to get to know the preparation procedure need to do the work? 1, ingredients, because is colorless transparent silicone raw materials itself, it must add some additive to do the following mixed marriage and cutting material, at the same time also need to the color change of the silica gel into the colorful color, so need to add the ingredients link masterbatch and helps to improve appearance requirements such as color, hardness, bridging agent additive to line; 2, when batching process preparation silicone raw materials meet the requirements of the appearance of color, hardness, etc, we have to do is mixing, mixing the main raw material is of good ingredients of silicone rubber products into mixing mill awakened in uniform mixing, mixing process will directly affect the product quality, 3, cutting material, after forming is the last link in the material, cutting material is mainly based on the structure of the product, often apply to the silicone buttons and smaller silicone rubber products, because of its small silica gel products its mould can be have a lot of small mould of the silicone products, so that we can improve the efficiency of the molding of the value and saving the cost of enterprise, the purpose of cutting material is primarily to remove burrs and cut into small pieces. Through the above three steps, the silicone products raw material can be the following process molding process, the preparation process of silicone products rubber products is completed
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