Precautions to prevent burning method mixed silicone rubber products

by:Cupidove     2020-08-16

mixing rubber processing is now very popular a kind of processing of organic silicone products industry, in multiple industries around the world are available to the mixed solid silicone rubber material, such as electronic components, mechanical seal, articles for daily use, such as a type, and mixing glue in the process of pure solid in the certain problem is not easy to control, such as processing of adverse factors, the precision of the mould quality and purity of raw materials and mixing can affect the normal production, so for the above problems, points out that the silicone rubber for everybody today what problem encountered in the process of material mixing and processing method.

silicone rubber products raw materials of coke burning is one of the main reasons for the raw materials also need mixer to use physical properties, uneven and vulcanizing accelerator add deployment, mixing rubber is likely to lead to static electricity and the phenomenon of the fire, so don't at the time of mixing will all raw material and curing agent under the high temperature roller into, will lead to appear this kind of problem, but need to scatter vulcanizing agent into, evenly daub on mixing.

caused by improper operation, rubber mixing process is a technical work, now a lot of professional and technical personnel didn't find can replace mechanical method of silicone rubber mixing process, the main reason is because the material need environmental protection, clean without impurities, and rubber mixing process, operation mode and the adjustment of the wheelbase of the rubber could lead to appear quality problem, such as high hardness of the rubber is hard to disperse, low quality of white carbon black high hardness silicone rubber mixing scattered after wait for a phenomenon.

silicone rubber products factory machine maintenance and control of raw materials, in the southern region, especially in most of the time will be the because of the temperature and indoor temperature caused the temperature is too high, mixing in the process of long-term poor cooling effect to the machine heat and affect the normal operating temperature and slow, so need to maintain the balance of the heat dissipation and indoor temperature, in addition to the storage of raw materials keep the ventilation, temperature shoulds not be too high, need to double refining time is too long!

a fire charred problem is that many manufacturers have how old, because of the Mooney viscosity meter and the vulcanizing agent, whether it is a new refining of mixing rubber or return refined rubber can be measured at any time, so it can prevent the rubber scorch. In the mass production of mixing rubber mixer mechanic factory, there is no need for a comprehensive measurement, only the regulation should pay attention to the rubber can be used a kind of method. First to decrease with the vulcanization accelerator, but so to cause a decline in the physical properties of the silicone products, know this is very important, vulcanization accelerator rarely used alone, mostly adopts two, three types of accelerator and the way. Once the match out of the question, will not be able to prevent coke burning rubber.

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