Positive solution - What is the real reason for the silicone seal waterproof

by:Cupidove     2020-09-22

on the market at present a lot of electronic products, mechanical products and automotive products for waterproof consciousness is higher and higher, and further requirements on environmental protection, waterproof silicone ring as the modern product design, one of the most common sealing silicone products, and said to the waterproof that depends on the practical effect of the silicone apron, but want today, silicone seal waterproof effect is mainly rely on what factors and form the waterproof effect?

the original material belongs to a lot of friends think silica gel products gently high elastic waterproof material mainly comes from the effect of silica gel products extrusion laminating degree to achieve sealing effect, said here is not completely wrong, just in addition on the structure will also make the finished product seal waterproof effect, such as product size is too big or too small seal sealed not enough sealing effect, where and the deeper the water depth in the water level of the sealing effect is smaller, thus the silicone seal products or need combined with the actual situation in the product structure can merge!

but according to many years experience that silicone products manufacturer, good seal silicone products to achieve better waterproof effect you may need to know this time!

1, combined with the size of the sealing parts are needed to predict the sealing ring plus or minus size

2. How much is the maximum sealing effect, what is the minimum degree of seal, waterproof degree is to feel the size of the product

3, according to the actual size and sealed with what material to choose a different hardness and material!

4, silicone softness and size if they can put into the seal and how best to expand the size!

5, seal need to choose a different material of different environment, such as in the water for a long time and intermittent into the water wait for a reason!

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