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portable silicone drinking straws customized for dinner

portable silicone drinking straws customized for dinner

Portable silicone drinking straws customized for dinner

FDA approved silicone
Product Dimensions
Three of the straws are straight three were angled
Yellow ,Blue ,Red,Green,Purple On stock
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Silicone rubber has unique properties that make it ideal for a wide range of manufacturing applications in industries including: automotive, bake and cookware, electronics, healthcare, personal care, children’s toys and many others. our factory is expert in working with customers designs to create the highest quality finished products. And if you have product concepts, our professional team can help you develop your project from beginning to end, through all stages, with the utmost efficiency, while reducing cost.  (name of your company) is a one source solution for all your silicone manufacturing needs.  Let us show you how our high standards can increase profitability.

Product Description

portable silicone drinking straws customized for dinner-1

Product Description

These silicone straws are reusable and eco-friendly.The straws are also dishwasher safe,They are flexible all quite long and flexible for regular size glass .The silicone straws can be recycles ,Using silicone straws is good value .

Silicone Rubber Parts

Our factory CDX have produced a wide range of rubber products , such as ....... , many of our customers cooperated with us for over 10 years . Our products' resistance and highest quality are always guaranteed .
Great sealing properties making it ideal for cooking and mixing processes. Silicone seals and gaskets can be used on food processing machinery such as dough and cake mixers in bakeries. As all of our silicone is FDA approved, food manufacturers can be confident that the silicone rubber used is completely safe when in contact with food.

custom rubber wristbands is better in its material than similar type of products. The direction controlled by the product can be adjustable
The remarkable merits of custom rubber wristbands material for custom rubber wristbands are durable and beautiful. It can improve the overall image of the gates
The design of silicone drinking straws is excellent and the hand feels silicone drinking straws. Its outer shell is stamped and formed by stainless steel plate, which helps it resist the external damage
Whatever you need pattern designed by Hongkong Cupid Limited or your own pattern, it will be no problem. The product supports one-way pass and bi-direction pass
custom rubber wristbands is designed with silicone drinking straws. It can enhance the management level of the entrances and exits in office buildings
The product does not pose any side effects or health risks. The synthetic fragrances are tested to be harmless to the human's skin. The simple line design and chassis with frosted paint make the product more textured
The product is fireproof. The material used for the cover is double PVC coated fabric, which meets the fire retardant standards like B1/M2. The product has the advantage of rust resistance
The product has the advantage of fire resistance. It is able to provide a barrier to the spread of fire or perform structurally when exposed to fire. It features fast response time and high processing capacity
The product is wear-resistant. The gel coating bonds with the fiberglass resin to form a tough shell to withstand numerous times of friction. It is widely used in the office lobby, factory, apartment, etc
This product features a beautiful translucent appearance. The moulding process allows its body to be thinner and more delicately constructed. There is a LED light to indicate the prompt passway status
The product features a stronger base. The metal material is used on the outside and glass is used to insulate the inside of the base to withstand impacts. Under the emergency situation, the channel offered by the product allows people to pass freely
The product is extensively applied in agriculture, manufacturing, and construction industries. While the construction industry is the largest consumer of this product. It can effectively prevent trailing, retrograde, spanning and other illegal intrusions
After times of wear, this product is guaranteed that it will be not subject to problems like color fading and paint flaking off. It is waterproof and dust-proof, which can be installed both indoors and outdoors
The product can be widely used in the fields of chemistry, biology, pharmacy, medicine, microelectronics, semiconductor, etc. It can implement anti-reverse, anti-tailing, anti-pinch, and other alarm functions more accurately
It is a highly efficient product which is ideal for heat transfer in linear air-flow environments. Many customers have used it in their electronic products. It can be supplied with different entrance management systems for different application scopes
It is hardly worn or scratched because this product is extremely hard and resistant to sharps and pressure. It has already passed the aging test before leaving the factory
The product is not easy to get rust even in a humid environment, providing people with many conveniences in cleaning or maintaining it. It supports QR code scanning, bar code scanning, etc
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