Popularization of silica gel, silica gel products, use effect is good

by:Cupidove     2020-08-14

in the silicone products as the current software products one of the hot popular material, silicone protective cover, protective role more than the other materials, because it has a variety of functional and practical, so widely! Silicone sheath according to our life convenient also customize different design and structure, but said back guy reach more consumers and favor this is not a bad thing, so today to get to know why the silica gel protective sleeve can be replaced by other material!

in the electronics industry, we are everywhere silicone following became one of our common items, and many people choose it because of its softness and fancy appearance of concave and convex, can make a different design drawings and polychromatic sets about ten color effect, and mobile phone silica gel set of the most important is to let people see the appearance, so for mobile phone sets of silica gel is one of the material must be running!

in the daily life protection cover, good contact with the skin is preferable to soft power, not hurt the skin, such as silicone glove, silicone handle cover and so on, the key can be effective to prevent slippery effect, high and low temperature resistance, resistance to stamping and outcome so choose wool sheath or not choose silica gel protective sleeve! Of course, each have each advantage, main see where do you want to use this item!

where the advantage of the silica gel protective sleeve:

in the industry of mechanical seal in the silicone protective ring and a variety of protective buffer small parts need to adopt to this several kinds of material, silicone, rubber and TPE material, all belong to soft rubber products, but the three each have each advantage so could be balanced to use for a long time, each half of the industry.

TPE material is a kind of thermoplastic soft rubber products, it also can be according to the material is very soft, and simple process, moulding vulcanization efficiency is higher, also can achieve certain environmental protection sex to get good effect, high product efficiency, low processing cost, determine the springback is the product effect is not good, feel is stiff, as a protection cover will have deformation springback phenomenon!

rubber material and changing performance rubber products, according to the combination of adding material change the performance of the products, products for outdoor weatherability, sex and aging environment all has the very good resistance, one of the first material in the machinery industry, but the product defects have spirit and material not environmental protection, the environment protective products can not meet the requirements!

environmental non-toxic silica gel material can use for a long time in high temperature environment, forming method is the silicone protective sets manufacturers under the high temperature forming, and has the very good rebound strength can reach good waterproof protective effect, such as long-term role in mechanical electronic seal equipment can keep a good life! In addition to the machinery and electronics industry industry also can be a good role in the enterprise, from environmental protection, color and life and so on various aspects can meet the using requirements!

the above you can see that the material of silicone rubber products superiority, can widely effect also depends entirely on the various advantages of material as well as the function and appearance, and believe in the future there will be more material quality will be replaced by silica gel material, because there is a little has completely become the overall development trend of the industry, the product can achieve environmental non-toxic effect, so the current global environmental issues become the focus, the silica gel is the representative of the green environmental protection material!

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