Popular science silicone seal which unique advantages

by:Cupidove     2020-09-02

all know seal products have a lot of functions, out in the heavy industrial machinery, electronics industry in the life, their role is often beyond your imagination! In the life of the sealing ring is often used for kitchen items, mainly for the insurance, thermal insulation, water dispensers, rice cookers, water cup, oven, kettle and so on protective sealing function, so most of the articles for daily use is inseparable from the tight elastic sealing function, once lost it affect the whole product is practical function. So a few do you know about the advantages of the silicone seal products?

the silicone seal can make your product has good preservation effect, in use process can make the food get good protection, prevent gas leakage, and silica gel as environmental protection material, so-called because it could meet food grade material standards and requirements, fully meet the green environmental protection articles!

the silicone products have certain environmental adaptation performance, under the condition of high and low temperature environment can apply to, and keep a good appearance and deformation state, does not decompose in high and low temperature environment as the harmful chemical substances, so can apply around the high voltage electric rice cooker and fridge, as long as the product structure size deviation will not appear no leakage phenomenon.

at present a lot of industrial rubber seal products gradually replaced by silicone material, the main reason is that it has a better flexibility, in time in different temperature environment can be normal use, the toughness, pull to rise above the rebound strength, can be divided into different types of material, there are ordinary tensile and high pure raw materials, and in daily life material chosen must reach environmental protection level, so pure high tensile material is inevitable, nature also can achieve on the rebound strength toughness is not broken, not deformation, rebound effect is good.

the production principle of the silicone seal products mainly through silica gel products factory through mixing in sulphur fertilizer after high temperature of 200 degrees or so cases, vulcanization molding for heat resistance, toughness and environmental fitness is good, so after understanding of seal products, did you think of the silicone sealing grease is very powerful?

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