Popular science silica gel sets manufacturers: silica gel protective sleeve installed occurrence crack of the solution

by:Cupidove     2020-09-15

the silicone parts closely combined with product can reflect the value of a product, so in the silicone cases in different with the real machine assembly of the size of the gap and size, this is totally affect the consumers' experience with the structure of the product. Everyone know on both ends of bridge construction time most afraid of be connected in the gap, and in most concerned about silicone products manufacturer also have the same problem.

I believe a lot of friends are not willing to go for a size deviation and deformation of the product, silica gel plate protective area is larger, generally at about 7 to 9 inches, so know, from product appearance occurrence crack of the size of the main reasons for you to understand?

the first product of the mold if there were any problems, many of his peers may die is not very understanding, at the time of processing and mould steel is very important, if the mould need to use for a long time so in terms of mold steel material selection is more important, and a piece of good steel to achieve a perfect knife to! ! ! ! Second is very important in the process, high precision of round edge of knife, processing the machine can control product changes in the small size and so on, so from the source control is the most effective way!

followed by high temperature vulcanization molding process control area, good silicone products factory is to need the operator to control, so the second impact deformation of silica gel protective sleeve and exterior phenomenon the reason is that the demoulding, the finished product is not normally trapped gas, picks up the temperature quickly, just when the mold may lead to pull or folding size change for a long time, the second is the molding time is too short, too fast, the mold product silicone raw materials within has not been completely vulcanization molding and so lead to products appear deformation phenomenon.

the above reasons, are within the scope of control phenomenon, so the manufacturer to control the precision of the product from the mold size strictly controls the good molding process on time, temperature, pressure! Silicone case is not cannot solve the problem!

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