Popular science characteristic and reason of the silicone products!

by:Cupidove     2020-08-15

the silicone products mainly by D4, DCM to the different material mixing system, such as HTV silicone rubber, known as the role of the silicone rubber and popularity have finished all the occupied our life with industry, silicone products chosen as the auxiliary parts and main components of countless, and every trade has an hard to practice the, that is the guarantee of quality, silica gel products is no exception, it also has the inevitable in the process of quality problem, small make up after concluded, common adverse characteristics of silicone products and produce the phenomenon of reference with you. The rubber itself has defects ( Such as viscosity big or extended) Rubber molding method is not reasonable, Especially the fluorine rubber with high hardness, nitrile butadiene rubber) Process operations, Forming, charging method) Mould not clean ( Including flash, waste rubber not clean) Rubber processing performance is poor, Such as fluorine rubber) Mold structure is not reasonable, Thick products should adopt the closed structure mold and reasonable excess stock tank)

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