Points out that the defect - of silicone products All the trouble spots on this

by:Cupidove     2020-08-18

in the strong thing has its defects, silicone rubber material is not exceptional also, countless everyday objects we used silica gel seal, the seal dustproof articles for daily use, gift decoration and electronic products, it has good advantages for performance, but there are vulnerable, today to explain the silicone seal products in the use of what are rare defects!

fear is the primary defect of cutting tool and silica gel products software itself belongs to the plastic material and metal and hard plastic materials is different, have hard compound alkali, and silica gel products mainly in the seam will fill in the mouth to avoid, so sometimes the silicone products many adverse factors often because product surface with a crevasse or product structure belongs to the right or too crisp mouth gradually get big, so in the purchase of silicone sets of silicone bracelet, as far as possible not to items come into contact with sharp knives!

alkali corrosion is impact on any material, the silica gel from tensile tearing resistance and rebound has certain advantages, powerful solvent solution is the only thing this material can be in harmony for soft matter, through experiments show that the silicone material with acid solution such as ( Sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid) Contact, the silicone material will be reduced to software matter such as silt shape, after long-term abuse bubble will gradually concentrated burn, will not disappear completely!

the silicone material belongs to the highly active small molecules, adsorption material itself has been with the adsorption dynamics, so make the silicone products will naturally, the phenomenon of the adsorption stained with dust, it is a common phenomenon, so sometimes you in industrial use to seal looks bright surface covered with dust impurities in raw material is the main reason, the second is on the mold surface is too smooth leads to greater adhesion phenomenon!

when a sealing silicone limit after a degree of stress is beyond the product itself will naturally cause certain deformation effects, the silica gel products stress deformation phenomenon is rare, so the long-term stress after the extrusion and vibration will certainly lead to products in the internal molecular chain rupture, deformation of products won't play leads to aging, gradually appear failure phenomenon of performance!

at the phenomenon of oil, silicone products appears the problem of oil reflects more than one or two consumer, so what is the specific reason lead to take oil?

a point adhesion phenomenon feeling sticky to the touch, there are several main factors, first is raw materials mixing when adding dose of silicone oil and other compounds, prompted a residue after synthetic material after high temperature vulcanization molding products will slowly ooze oil in a certain period of time, and because of the silicone rubber products manufacturers, such as vulcanizing agent and release agent to add inside and surface combined residue in the release agent spraying cause facial, use for a long time after the slowly started to take oil!

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