Plagued by electrostatic - Why don't you try wearing a silicone bracelet

by:Cupidove     2020-09-26

a lot of weather in ups and downs, many areas have appeared the phenomenon of dry, and the dry weather has the static situation is often the most let a person headache, many topics online buzz, go home to open the door by electrostatic startled! The armrest is static, does the bus get way anyway, sitting near the metal have the existence of static electricity, static electricity, many netizens are in hand for this case, silicone products may be a help to you a lift, the birth of the glue to make it immune to static electricity, so choosing accessories a also is pretty good, but can prevent electrostatic, as adornment to wear, the best of both worlds, isn't it!

and many friends worry about silicone products have an effect on human body skin contact with the body, is practical for you about silicone products manufacturer. Silicone belong to environmental protection non-toxic materials, in addition to high corrosion chemical accident, it does not conflict with any material odorless product, and now the silicone accessories all made by food grade silicone rubber raw materials, belong to product of colorless, tasteless, softness and toughness to a certain extent, compared with the plastic material its outstanding performance in the market has replaced many plastic material products, but now many of the silicone rubber bracelets in the market rise, cause a lot of young people's favour, let alone a static bracelet?

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