Parsing forming silica gel protective sleeve, cell phone silicone set what is undesirable

by:Cupidove     2020-09-06

after the demand of the market in recent years, gradually accepted by consumers, silicone rubber products for mixing rubber industry in brightness so that production process for the silicone industry has become the consumption friends choose silicone material, one of the important factors that if the product is not confirmed at the beginning of the development is complete, he2 de2 he2 ability let customers consumers to accept? So for the silicone case will appear before the process on production of different bad problem, you know what?

products appear on the surface of the fog!

1。 Vulcanization molding time is too short to cooked a mist

2. Mixer mixing high temperature, air humidity, humidity is too big to

3. Uneven mixing rubber for a long time for mixing vulcanizing agent is dispersed completely

4. Molding workers put the speed of the raw material can't keep up with the temperature of the machine, prompted a mist side products

machine products caused bad!

1。 The thickness of the raw material lead to different products are not ripe, they will die pressure adjustment, ascending temperature

2. Product package in the wind, keep a certain amount of time, the number of sulfide maintain uniform, mold temperature is constant, the air pressure gun can be used to blow mold cooling

3. Products outsourcing wind, extend curing time, temperature, mould replacement die cushion,

4, often appear all sorts of bad, can the mold will be removed, in the machine mould cardboard and silica gel mould cushion on the template.

mould lead to bad product!

mold sticky impurity in the unhealthy phenomenon, wipe with a cloth can use kerosene mould

mould was bruised, sandblasting machine different degree of selection of different sand spraying bruised

stick mold phenomenon, spraying mold release water keep product normal demoulding, spraying for a long time can lead to mold a mist, so normal spray can

the machine trapped gas problem

the room temperature vulcanization silicone trapped gas can cause great confusion production, mainly related to mold, so the mould design to consider good exhaust problem:

1. Exhaust times is not enough;

2。 Room temperature vulcanized silicone mold is unreasonable, extra exhaust slot;

3。 To the appropriate product for secondary exhaust;

4。 Spray a small amount of release agent.

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