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by:Cupidove     2020-09-25

small products brittle softening phenomenon in the process of silica gel products forming is a kind of common phenomenon, is also a comparison of phenomenon, a lot of silicone products manufacturer in the process of production products crisp crisp, and a pinch, led to a lot of bad problem when we produce, the serious influence our production efficiency, even if the product can pass QC inspection, after a fashion, life is not in the market to meet the requirements of a reasonable time. So how are the silicone products in the process of production control and prevention of this kind of phenomenon?

1。 First is the problem of production, processing temperature and time is too long, cause the product brittle, secondary sulfide ventilation is not good time is too long. Material problems, lead to the silicone products of the main causes of brittle or harden, the material of material itself is bad, cause the tear strength is not up to standard. Recommend the use of superior materials production and processing, meteorological adhesive production is used in the production of special products, to meet the requirements of tear strength.

2。 Mold design is not reasonable and unreasonable structure of silica gel products of the production. Product structure or mold design is unreasonable, cause mould product fracturing during production, suggest to the mold processing or mold structure to improve, to thin places a little upset, pour a little rounded orthogonal place and so on.

3, the most common reason is mainly caused by personnel operating methods, generally in the production of silicone products manufacturer will is in the process of vulcanization time to lock in a time, time to control the mold can effectively prevent the product brittle softening phenomenon, so when this happens, first look for reasons from the aspects of personnel!

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