Pad printing silicone purposes and advantages

by:Cupidove     2020-04-22

pad printing silicone purposes and advantages

the purpose of the pad printing silicone:

it is mainly used for plastic toys, electroplating products, electronic toys, trademark, communications equipment, craft gift stationery; Such as irregular pattern printing.

pad printing silicone series brief description:

pad printing rubber head is to connect the design of sheet metal rubber head for the carrier, then the design of sheet metal transfer on toy products

pad printing silicone required quality is exquisite, without impurities, good resilience, oil well, clear pattern printing.

pad printing silicone products advantages: 1, low viscosity, good fluidity

2 good oil, oil, pad printing design clarity

3 colloid is exquisite, back stretch, pad printing more

professional pad printing silicone products used in the manufacture of pad printing, pad printing silicon colloid is exquisite, without impurities, no grain, good stretch back pad printing silicone is made of high quality raw materials, added the United States dupont teflon high temperature resistant materials, high-temperature processing and become, have the advantages of wear-resisting, high temperature resistance, good printing effect.

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