Pad printing silicone pad printing silicone, durable

by:Cupidove     2020-04-27

good quality pad printing silicone, durable, pad printing silicone goods instructions:

a first mold wash clean with detergent, then dry or dry the moisture in the mould, and coated with release agent

2, good quality pad printing silicone, durable, pad printing silicone, silicone oil, normal share, is based on the requirements of the customer, if customer needs to print pictures area is big, need a soft rubber head, adding silicone oil. Hardness large, on the contrary, the demand adhesive head not increasing or less silicone oil, generally the hardness of rubber pad printing head to 15 ~ - a 25 ° a as is appropriate, if the silicone oil amount is too large, a soft rubber head, print the number of times is limited, it is a good quality of the silicone will be silicone oil destroyed its molecular weight, and low wear resistance, solvent resistance and aging

good quality pad printing silicone, durable, pad printing silicone products:

it is mainly used for plastic toys, electroplating products, electronic toys, trademark, irregular printing pictures. Rubber pad printing head is to do the sheet metal drawing after glue head carrier, and then put the plate on the pictures of transfer printing on the toy.

good quality pad printing silicone, durable, pad printing silicone products strength:

1, low viscosity, good fluidity

2 without shortening, good oiling, pad printing picture clarity

3 colloid is exquisite, back stretch, pad printing more

good quality pad printing silicone, durable, used to make pad printing, pad printing silicone professional quality good, pad printing, durable silicone pad printing silicone demand colloid is exquisite, without impurities, no particles, back stretch good quality pad printing silicone pad printing silicone products selects the high quality material, durable, increase the United States dupont teflon high temperature resistant materials, high-temperature processing and become, have wear-resisting, high temperature resistance, good printing effect and other advantages.

good quality pad printing silicone, durable, pad printing silicone operation:

1. Rubber mold completely wipe clean, and coated with release agent, put in the balance of the local.

2。 Pad printing mucilage, silicon oil press share in measuring cup stir stir evenly add curing agent and energetic again after mixing evenly

3. After mixing uniformity of silicon rubber slowly pour rubber head

4. Cover board, glue in 3 - head After four hours can release

( Note: our company goods not suggest adding silicon oil, special soft silicone mold or clutter pattern and the precision of subtle, to attend - 5% 10% silicone oil to adjust the silicone mold of softness, so as to release. )

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