Pad printing silicone depth study

by:Cupidove     2020-04-27

rubber pad printing head performance description:

rubber head no bubble surface, the surface is smooth, good oiling effect

rubber head using imported raw materials production, very compact, durable, clear with ink pad printing design completely, deinking complete

good flexibility, flexible performance is strong, can meet different printing requirements, with ink completely, easy to take off the ink transfer, residual ink is easy to clear, with plane, curved surface, irregular surface, printing design and fine line design, small area can ensure clear printing effect

rubber pad printing head categories:

1, according to the color is divided into yellow, white, red

2, according to the shape of HA ( Round) HB ( Square and rectangular) HS ( Special customized shaped) Three series,

thousands of common design, special calendar rubber head can be special.

rubber pad printing head using pretreatment:

new rubber head with a layer of protective film, look more bright and direct printing ink is not sticky, need buyers by xylene, days that water or wash water to wipe again after use, use only as much as possible a few times, make its rubber head surface can, or use 2000 sandpaper gently back and forth on surface of the rubber head printing brush try a few times, rub on the surface of the light into the surface, oil better

now the price in the Chinese market up printing silicone products can be divided into several kinds:

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