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by:Cupidove     2020-04-28
gift belongs to some as a gift for products of a silica gel products. Using 100% environmental protection silicone products raw materials production of all kinds of silicone accessories, silicone articles for daily use, silicone electronic perimeter, silicone promotional gifts, silicone kitchen utensils and appliances. Common silicone gifts are silicone bracelet, silicone mobile phone cover, silicone wallet, keys kits, silicone zero silicone glasses bag, silicone pad, silicone usb flash drive, silicone cover, silicone accessories, silicone ice, silica gel cake mold, silicone cover, silicone promotional gifts, silicone electronic gifts, etc. gifts features * silicone gifts has the property of the silicone material is 100% non-toxic environmental protection, heat resistance, cold resistance, oxidation resistance, waterproof and moisture resistance, compression resistance, corrosion resistance, prevent scratch. * unique product design, style diversity, design and color is varied; * special self-adhesive smooth surface, prevent slippery stability is good, bright color and highly decorative; * healthy environmental protection, no peculiar smell, shockproof, mouldproof, prevent bask in; * elegant and beautiful, soft and comfortable, can be arbitrarily placed, can often sexual contact with the body; * noise insulation, easy tailoring laid, easy to change, easy to clean; * good resilience, high tear strength, good flatness, resistance to high temperature strength; * environmental non-toxic, resistance to sliding wear-resisting, prevent aging, corrosion resistance, durable. Silica gel used for silicone gifts gift industry with more excellent properties and good touch feeling, product loved by the consumers, so the silicone gift industry widely, automotive, electronics, electrical appliances, furniture equipment, toys, machinery, medical equipment, sports equipment, audio, lighting, automobile, chemical industry, such as silicone gifts can be seen. gifts production process silica gel gifts according to production needs, 90% of the silica gel gifts are moulded. Can choose according to the needs of customers custom three-dimensional surface glue, color in concave word, convex word coloring, concave carved emboss, the back surface spraying, printing, digital printing, water transfer printing, hot stamping, plating + laser cutting, coating process, TPU + bottom silicone, PC film, silica gel, sheet steel, IMD + plastic, IMD + silica gel, Co Moulding, UV transfer printing and other production processes can be made.
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