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by:Cupidove     2020-09-12

a lot of people play the financial, crucified in front of the computer every day is looking at it a few thread floating up and down the back and forth, and that is fry, fry gold, frying oil and so on, and there are many people play the actual quote up by hard and wisdom of the brics, that is, for example, silica gel products industry, electronics industry, machinery industry, food industry, etc. , and there are some people in the fire of luck, that means you may not have heard of 'COINS' said all five years ago you only need to spend $1 until now can become a multimillionaire! What is the reason?

about the currency for all financial or members of the venture capital industry is more understanding, and it nearly two days again by netizens on the Internet, some people say that if he had spent 38460 yuan to buy the currency, it's richest man, is he now, some people say that if I had 100 yuan not to take to buy clothes and select it, then I know now is the region's richest man, so when it comes to these believe you might know it's crazy!

COINS through $5800 ( RMB 38280 a) , was published in 2009, with it at first, a dollar can buy 1300 COINS, reduced down to a dollar store in where is close to fifty million, when I know I'm shocked!

what is investment? This is the dream of investment, 8 years to turn over 7. 54 million times, then you only need to spend 38460 yuan to buy some COINS, that China's richest man, is you now, this is not fake, is only an on the other hand, from the currency RMB 636. 1 billion ( $96. 7 billion) Value view, don't lose to the a-share listed companies.

and, indeed, the currency has been to create a myth, and the price is accompanied by countless overnight and stories to break the bank. In early September this year, savage growth of ICO ( Virtual currency initial public offering) Welcome to the regulatory power. Seven ministries and commissions such as central bank issue a notice to prompt prevent ICO financing risks, definitely require comprehensive MoPai and shall stop new issue of the ICO project, for projects completed ICO to case-by-case analysis, aimed at mass distribution to repel. The ICO is business full stop.

as a result, digital currency gloom, a slump. Half a month, the currency price from 32000 yuan fell to its lowest 16661 yuan, nearly half. Crash lasted only half a month, however, on September 17, the currency prices bottomed out, currency once closed at 37599 yuan, hit the 40000 mark from only one step away, months to achieve double the price. Compared to earlier this year the price of the currency, surging 470%. , according to the environment outside the currency price reached $5200, up 18 than last week. 75%, 23% higher than last month, broke the high $5013 in September.

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