Organic silicone products will become a new generation of jewelry trend

by:Cupidove     2020-08-28

all three points look, dress up seven points, will be a dink, without wear and decoration accessories, followed the pace of The Times and creativity constantly improve the people's standard of living, decorate themselves become indispensable to our life a way, all kinds of popular element is also full of inside the city streets, in the street can be seen everywhere love dressing up like wearing accessories, silicone accessories also became a trend of modern urbanite adorn article, according to the development of silicone products and the performance of the reform and innovation to make it more powerful application is very wide also, in the midst of silicone accessories with market demand and advantages of the new generation of fashion jewelry, walking in the street can see the store, big and small wear jewelry and articles for daily use, its unique and exquisite design and the visual effect of raw materials to get our attention, gradually become the focus of our attention in recent years, a kind of accessories.

in 2005, gradually caused the world of silicone jewelry wearing a trendy, wearing a silicone accessories after years of development has brought us a lot of influence, to the last silicone jewelry borrow with unique advantage on the market for a long time, best-selling national silicone industry account for 18% of sales! According to the production sales statistics to see the producing of solid silicone accessories silicone products manufacturer also in the midst of growing industry competition is intense, jewelry design process and material also has a lot of changes, many products are now first hardware plastic bags material to carry on the design, greatly enhance the appearance of the product design and creative design.

solid silica gel silica gel and injection molding and extrusion of organic silica gel silica gel has a different production process, the solid silica gel can control of time, to the time of vulcanization molding sulfide in a short time out high quality silica gel products, it is also a solid silica gel mass produced products can be an advantage, from the quality above can clearly know the production process and mixing process, so when you go shopping in the common silicone accessories and daily necessities can be sure that the said are all made of solid silicone vulcanization process compared with other material silicone material of other accessories also have a lot of difference, the price will not have a metal glass high above, on the environmental effects can take to work well, but on innovative silicone accessories still need to continue to improve innovation combined with comfortable environmental protection can do more perfect product!

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