- organic silicone poisoning Did you asking - after know the truth Silica gel products poisoning phenomenon analysis

by:Cupidove     2020-09-20
The so-called wine is not drunk everybody from drunk, silicone non-toxic from toxic! In life we all know that the silicone material nature is avirulent environmental protection product, but in the organic silicon industry have so a group of people said that it is toxic, but is 'the kind of poison poison themselves' and this phenomenon is mostly said silicone products of raw materials by adding additives appeared problems as a result of, that the so-called poisoning exactly which causes and solutions?

according to the understanding of silica gel in the whole curing, part of the material, curing agent of fusion and increase fertilizer can hinder molding fixed-line, accounts for the most serious ratio is, the organic tin liquid curing agent, and other organic metal compounds, usually containing organotin catalyst sulfur compounds of silicon rubber and polysulfone material or other articles sulphur amine, amino ethyl formate or items not saturated hydrocarbon additives containing amine by combination reaction after adding a product does not cure or incomplete fixed-line and subsequent product life and performance are affected, and so on.

first generally for silica source factory will be on the material will be impeded curing conflict and small intermiscibility experiments first, to ensure that raw materials for later processing products is practical, if real objects and fixed-line colloid difficult phenomenon exists, it is proved that no intermiscibility, hinder curing and the performance of the late product

so for this kind of silicone rubber additives is likely because of poisoning of the silicone raw materials appear combined response conflict caused by product use effect, summed up to a point, besides silicone products factory processing craft, the product still more important for the performance testing of raw materials, to high quality silica gel products must grab from fountainhead, any object is a number of different combination of each other, not to mention the silicone, people will get sick, what's more, the silicone material ill! ! !

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