Organic silicon upstream rally hard check - in April Downstream of the silicone products industry be compelled helpless again

by:Cupidove     2020-09-26

analysis in March 2018, domestic organic silicon industry towards the volatility, again raised storm on the raw materials, learned the conclusion from downstream silicone products industry in the years after 107 glue, DMC and silicone rubber, raw rubber, such as rose, 2018 fifth rise in the price, and price range in March alone has topped 1000 yuan per ton, at present there are some enterprises on compact capacity, some enterprises suspended orders, raising activities still continue!

according to the internal message that due to the recent white carbon black market demand is bigger, good domestic meteorological silica market functioning, with wacker, degussa, hill foreign price increase factors such as the wave of domestic enterprises to follow the rise, on the other hand is the white carbon black popularization gradually open, silicone rubber products and silicon tetrachloride, such as a methyl trichlorosilane rising demand in 2018, with market price increase is difficult to avoid to this year's peak season!

according to the market in April, organic silicon raw materials will also continue to rise 5% Mixing glue 15%, organic silicon increases 10% About 20%, so visible short time silicone market prices will continue to keep up the atmosphere, may according to the trend is expected to continue to rise this year is expected to

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