Organic silicon as the advantage of the pouring sealant

by:Cupidove     2020-05-07

organic silicon as the advantage of pouring sealant

silicone materials as electronics potting applications more extensive, obvious advantages, can replace the traditional resin, polyurethane material, such as many different kinds of organic silicon potting glue, different kinds of organic silicon potting glue in heat resistance performance, waterproof performance, insulation performance, optical performance and glue adhesion performance of different materials and there were significant differences in hardness, etc. potting glue can add some functional filler to endow them with conductive performance of the permeability of thermal conductivity, etc. potting glue mechanical strength is generally more bad, is borrowed from the performance, to 'break' facilitate maintenance, namely if a component fails, only need to pry the potting glue, change new original after, can continue to use.

the color of the silicone potting glue generally can adjust according to need. Transparent or opaque or color. potting glue in anti-shock performance, high and low temperature resistance, excellent electrical performance, waterproof performance, prevent the respect such as aging resistance performance is very good.

double group of silicone products potting glue for common, this kind of rubber including condensation and synergy of two categories. General condensation type of components and potting cavity adhesion force is poorer, curing process will produce volatile low molecular substances, after curing more apparent shrinkage rate. Add molding ( Also known as the silicon gel) Shrinkage of small, did not produce low molecular curing process. Heating can fast curing.

Cupidove silicone production that silica gel for 20 years, silica species is well-found, the pouring sealant can be adjusted according to the customer product requirements, including the flame retardant, antistatic, liquidity, and so on can be adjusted.

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