Open adult shop really make it, because they do not believe so to investigations is real or fake?

by:Cupidove     2020-03-30
Open adult shop really make it, because they do not believe so to investigations is real or fake? Time: 2019 08 - 30 source: author: reading: online have been adult shop theft, adult products how to how to make money? Fired, in order to confirm its authenticity was tacitly to visit. Curiosity need to meet, so pretended to buy the product. Just saw an information on the Internet is about to open the adult shop, I read read the whole story. So understanding to adult supplies industry become so fire, I was also sceptical. Came to an adult shop, I pretend to become the customer start the conversation with his boss. When the boss is very warm, look at me with smile, I still have some unnatural. But in order to find out the truth, have to with nature. Boss is chatting with me in advance, is in order to alleviate the awkward between us, he this method is very, very natural to the recommended product for me, because he learned to communicate with my my specific needs. I began to chat with his shop business situation, realized that the store has already opened more than a year. The initial months is not much profit, because he says there is no experience starting from 0, he also said that open a shop to do business is to see the bigger picture. Don't pay attention to short-term investment return, I was nodding while in earnest listen to his description. After all, he said there is something, but I didn't really know to his open adult shop till now what is the specific situation. In general people don't want to be in the business insider, in fact, in my opinion, is seen by some to be brainwashed success, but brainwashed people better than face dare not tell the real profit and loss. But in front of the boss is not taboo to say with me open a shop of his experiences, turned out to be doing its franchisees, have to the shop support, so open a shop on the location and operating some help. What the boss said he had no higher education, for today's smartphones is nearly a year to learn to use. So for the Internet of things is don't know, but, for now he open adult shop join ShangYouWei he provides the function of APP online, he needs time to learn. Because he wants to do store well, study is also very hard, soon with the help of the alliance cooperation platform sales personnel familiar with the whole function of APP and interface, and all operating methods. This way with the combination of online and offline let his store can run better, he says because of the function of the familiar with the APP, let him more clearly how to serve the customer, customer channels has added to their stores. Let his shop have more people know this. Another boss understanding of relevant knowledge also made more, are sufficient preparation in order to better serve customers, also appear more professional. In his efforts to store profits to 2 - every month About 3 w, through his description I have to open a shop. Online travels so crazy just this one, and that what's the problem? So say goodbye to the store and bought an exquisite packaging products fart dian fart away. So I found the one, this time I didn't buy the product approach to understand the operations of the boss, but to want to open a shop to ask the boss. The appliance of the boss can not so magnanimous, reserved for me, but look from his shop operating conditions should also be good, told me of his store profits while a better than work in a concept, but the actual situation absolutely far more than this. Curiosity let me to verify the estimates of the number of adult supplies good do online transfer is really! But the business is doing, has made should also have loss. Although I then just visited the two stores is good, but I still believe that some people are not ready.
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