Online shopping was tricked into tens of thousands of dollars - silicone products Factory tips for brand and source factory

by:Cupidove     2020-09-26

shortly before guangzhou citizens for Ms. Lee child online a dozen pieces of child dental silicone rubber has received customer service call a cause, claim to be the personnel of the service be recalled to sell silicone products, Ms. Li so cheated, 50000 yuan in cash gone overnight. Well, who let the cat out of the customer order information? How do consumers in online shopping eyes?

on August 16, who lives in guangzhou city increasing ms li bought 19 give their child from the Internet. 9 yuan baby silicone bit glue. No ChengXiang, 10 yuan of silica gel products, have got out of the trouble. On the night of August 7th, Ms. Li suddenly received a phone call, baby silicone tooth gum quality problems, manufacturers need to recall the products, and economic compensation for Ms. Lee.

said Ms. Lee, your purchase order number, the purchase of products, each other can be accurate to say it, Ms. Li was off guard.

told Ms. Li, she buy a spoon is not only to be recalled, a cyber platform will also according to the consumers' rights and interests protection law to double compensation for Ms. Lee.

when it comes to economic compensation, the other party puts forward to want to add WeChat ms li, friends, and on the WeChat provides information such as id card, employee's card, it fully won the trust of the ms li, then enter into the compensation process, Ms. Li to operate according to the requirements of the other party.

account why more than 50000 yuan.

after a series of operations, Ms. Li, found that their will be bound in a agricultural bank card account was extra 50000 dollars, then the money actually come from where?

'the other said that this is our platform to call you a laundry list. 'Ms. Li said.

since it is the other party to call their own water, Ms. Lee for the first time want to return the money to the other party.

a trading, Ms. Li's husband think it odd, log in again when a product will APP, found himself already owe the shopping platform is fifty thousand yuan. The original 50000 yuan to ms li agricultural bank card account are swindlers to Ms. Li a certain product will be under the page of product financial has carried on the forehead and withdrawal.

reporter in the interview also learned that a product will be under the page of 'product cost', whose nature with taobao page 'beautiful bai' same nature, withdraw operation can be performed.

overnight owe a product will be 50000 yuan, Ms. Li's husband immediately called the police. Ms. Lee said, after the incident, she will also try to use a product customer service to solve the problem, but the customer service reply to her disappointed.

who leaked customer information?

'I just want to know why my information leak? Why cheat have my order number, home address, this also is terrible, but customer service said they did not disclose customer information. 'Ms. Li said.

so what exactly is who, so detailed disclosure of Ms. Li shopping information, reporters call a product will also customer service.

'customer information protection is very safe, I can give you promise. A liar can through illegal channels to get this information. We can guarantee that the information is not through a product will be leaked. 'A customer said.

so how Ms. Li's personal information is leaked? Through what channels to reveal personal information? Reporters also consulting the law firm lawyers.

the lawyer said, nowadays, online shopping more and more popular, while convenient, save save trouble, personal information is open to the seller, and personal information in this link will appear the phenomenon of leaking. 'A lot of users will be treated as personal information into are identification before should be discarded, but still received the telemarketing calls and harassment, this means that before you receive a package, your personal information was leaked. 'The lawyer said.

in addition, some viruses and plug-in, can cause the service at the same time all the scans to order information sent to the software, so that the user's information was leaked naturally. And order information after the leak, will be mostly sell software to fraud gangs and marketing groups. Some viruses and plug-in, can easily steal the user information, hackers is also cannot ignore information leakage caused by a factor, a hacker can easily to enter some data center, stealing users' personal information.

online shopping still need consumer eyes

now along with the network era, any products can be in custom to buy up, but when choosing sellers or silica gel processing factory still need to be careful, try to choose high credibility, big volume of the seller, but for the silicone products you still recognize the quality of the products and the quality requirement when buy be fooled can completely avoid trouble.

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