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by:Cupidove     2020-04-29
Not all of the silicone bracelet to be able to use mould technique, especially a molding silicone products bracelet, make the finished product, is the whole circle of the finished product. After a LOGO drops of gel bracelet, mould technique is to use to make a strip, making it the second vulcanization will link up bracelet. Many do a molding hand ring, once asked me, why can't glue first, and then made the whole circle, not to the prominent joint? Can actually do it, but it's very difficult to do, and mass production is not high, cost is high, so, in general, customers to use this kind of practice is not recommended. bracelet manufacturer of making silicone products bracelets drop rubber LOGO and printing LOGO, printing the LOGO use the circle or planar, glue suitable for planar bracelet.
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