New type of brick setting wall of manufacturing mold silicone how to choose

by:Cupidove     2020-04-23

new brick wall of setting of the making craft of

brick products a lot of more phyletic, like culture stone, belongs to a kind of cement products, can be used on the wall, floor, and as a decoration, high-end grade, atmosphere in recent years, most of the brick is not the stone carving, but by cement ingredients used silica gel do mould manufacturing and become, as a result, simple process, low cost, high production efficiency, and as the mold of the silicone also should have good tensile resistance to tear strength, toughness, such Cai Meng demoulding easily. This kind of silica gel and wear-resisting, therefore, it is necessary to choose a good silicone products, Cupidove silicone mold silicone as know, over the past 20 years, put quality as the position, layers of filtration, don't miss every working procedure, the silica gel performance is guaranteed, the mold silicone applies to, culture stone, cement products, such as Roman column, rolling over more. Long service life. Supply ability, bulk order does not affect performance, cost-effective, to buy silica gel to Cupidove for Lao wang

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