Multicolor unibody silicone products production and processing (what

by:Cupidove     2020-09-11

a superior kind silicone gifts is the world's showcase items and promotional gifts, at present in many international exhibition promotion and size will have their figure, so is the silicone material still occupy absolute advantage gift industry a daily necessities of life, the main production process or multicolor a integrated, this type of product not only can achieve the fine stereo feeling but also can do different color combination to get good effect.

but the glue process there are also many disadvantages it with the technology of silicone rubber products oil pressure difference, the first is mold way out, and the size of the cavity number, and operation method of processing and poor control points as well as the material and the cost is different, so for multicolor a integrated process, it can make a nice product but there are many pain points in the process.

early using artificial glue, glue process most of dispensing form silica gel products without color with a glue head point above the product mould, this way cause bad product completely and operators have a lot of relationship, and that was many years ago, the machining method but also want to this way of processing as proofing, small orders, etc. , are currently using mechanical operation, improve on the efficiency, quality is guaranteed.

a glue main considerations:

1, the appearance of the product, in order to ensure the glue on the premise of production in the processing, you need to make sure that the VAT, needles, feeding tube, and the mold and the machine, etc. , to prevent color string color and pits, corrugated, impurities and so on.

2, string color phenomenon, a glue processing method is difficult to control also belong to this one, in the process of epoxy resin with multiple rubber head simultaneously, such as rubber head has the phenomenon of impurity plug in the mouth, it may cause uneven flow material series to other parts of the phenomenon of color, in addition also need to control the silicone glue processing in the production of previous mould products, due to the adjustment of the color probably because modulation points material series color phenomenon at the same time, the other is the production of mould and the machine and artificial misoperation string color phenomenon.

3, uneven parting line, glue the parting line of majority belongs to clear, so the control of copper in the process of making mould parting line, can't appear uneven lines or phenomena such as line breaking, or lead to a series of color phenomenon will appear bigger.

4, different degree of thickness, the thickness of a silicone rubber products processing technology is a manufacturer of the material dosage adjustment, which on the one hand, a lot of silica gel processing factory will be on the product to appropriate control materials has led to the degree of thickness deviation of products, strict requirements of requires careful control. Material uniformity is also very important, so need to be in the normal production of rubber mixing, otherwise may cause poor curing effect, extend the processing time, forming a slower.

5, influenced by the environment, with glue and mould the biggest difference is that different humidity and temperature control, a glue processing technology work environment is influenced by a certain, in indoor humidity above 60% will appear problem, so a rainy day and return period is not recommended for production, because when air humidity is too big, the fog in the air can directly lead to glue on the surface of oxidation products are not ripe and soft.

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