Multicolor process steps - silicone products What kind of solid moulded occupy

by:Cupidove     2020-08-18

in the silicone industry in order to satisfy the user experience of the consumers, more color product has been a best-selling products better, but for the process and cost control, a lot of silicone products manufacturer in the production of double color multicolor type products will choose some cost savings and easy processing way, everyone knows that in the silicone rubber products industry is one of the most common molding process, less color of silicone products can fully achieve multicolor effect, so use it to do many color products way what method?

simple point of double color and three color silicone products basic adopts secondary forming method, these methods mainly in the silicone products processing factory production will vice body first curing of color, the color division into the body cavity of a fixed color, in the main body color rubber into the secondary sulfide, make product with a glue process not to big difference, and that one way is to look at the junction of the product structure and size in color, if the product is too small not put K of color, color too much complex operation affects efficiency, so this kind of technology to do a few simple color not too big problem.

transfer molding way; Conversion process is a kind of processing is one of the few ways, because the comparative cost material so few products selected this kind of processing technology, and it can be with different colors and different analysing secondary forming, included in the conductive adhesive with common plastic secondary injection molding, multi-color injection molding, the same as the ordinary silica gel products, it needs a kind of color and curing on secondary plus sulfur achieve double color effect, but it can do a larger volume of products.

printing processing in the mould is now popular a kind of processing technology, it is similar to thermal transfer, mainly to the use of products more gradual change in the mold of a integrated, different separate separate processing, and this way is through the molded silicone products manufacturer, main is to print pattern card of a mold for molding, production is completed and the heat transfer effect is the same, belongs to the printing effect, and this kind of silicone products can do more than a dozen color, at present a lot of silicone jewelry class are choose this way!

there is a relatively simple method is a different color of adhesive synthesis, silica gel gifts in good stick it obligate certain plastic water tank, so that products can be in the process of viscose water behind the glue more solid, and this way can choose different color and hardness of the material can be even adhesive.

but silicone rubber mould pressing craft products factory from the industry perspective, multicolor series products processing and the drops of glue or printing process more extensive, and mold processing or slightly difference both in terms of multicolor process, but do less color silicone products, the effect of the second shaped by moulding production worse than other processes.

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