Multicolor printing, silica gel products appearance technology present!

by:Cupidove     2020-09-16
Now silicone products appearance on printing screen printing is the use of more two kinds of process, in addition to the silica gel pad printing process more frequently used within the industry, in ceramics, container, and metal crafts and other industries have been widely used, and pad printing in the silicone products molding process design must have a lot of contact with the effect of the friend also should understand, as the appearance of decorative pattern can totally attracted to other people's eye!

in molding process, silicon rubber products can be divided into a glue in appearance design, printing, secondary forming and thermal transfer water transfer printing, each process has its own show effect, and the transfer printing technology is currently a kind of technology more mature method, can do a variety of colors and patterns of different level, and the line is clear, product visual effect is good, and in the aspect of life can be guaranteed! Now many do gifts this piece of silicone gifts processing factory basic will be used to this kind of process!

operation process of complex thermal transfer technology, and the detailed steps in addition to the above details need operation personnel of technology and experience, first using the size of the paper and printing the high-resolution images to produce net-point intaglio engraving, install the prepared gravure printing machine printing on the PET polyester film, can be printed sublimation spent membrane, and then install the sublimation spent membrane on the heat transfer printing, hot stamping machine for printing operations pattern is a molding, need not tinted, besides silicone gifts, a lot of different material processing way is also the same!

this is a few simple repeat process it can be applied in different fields, has now spread to plastic toys, PVC toys, craft gifts, electronic products, lighting products, electroplating, plastic toys, electronic toys, trademarks and so on, which also makes its appearance and product molding effect various effects on different material, so also not especially on silica gel products are unique, such as electrical conductivity, reflective, abrasion resistance and smoothness, and so on different effects

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