Mold silicone, liquid silica gel

by:Cupidove     2020-05-06

mold silicone, liquid silicone

mold silicone, silicone liquid USES: widely used in PU resin, unsaturated resin, polyurethane resin, wedding candles, gypsum products, soap, hand soap, tire rolling over BaoMo perfusion die making,

mold silicone, liquid silicone



viscosity ( CS)


proportion ( g/cm 3 )

1。 08

hardness ( °)


tensile strength ( kgf /cm2 )


the tear strength ( kgf /cm2 )


elongation ( %)


line shrinkage rate ( %)

≤0。 3

proportion of curing agent added, %)

3 - 5%

operation time ( 分钟)


curing time ( 小时)

4 - 8

3, mold the silicone, liquid silicone warm prompt:

1. The company's products no need to add the silicone oil to adjust hardness and liquidity, if users need more soft or liquid better product than the brand, please contact with the company. We do not recommend to add silicone oil, soft mold or pattern for very fine products, general silicone oil adding proportion also only at 5% 10%.

4, mold the silicone, silicone liquid characteristics:

u two-component silicone products: liquid silicone products and curing agent

u good liquidity, easy to bubble, easy to perfusion

u high temperature resistant to acid and alkali resistance, low shrinkage rate

u high tensile and high tear, rolling over more

5, mold the silicone, silicone liquid curing agent adding ratio and reaction:

1, add 3 - 5% curing agent, has 30 minutes can be operating time ( At room temperature) , 4 - 8 hours of mold can be completely cured.

the blending ratio of 2, silicone and curing agent is: 100-3 5. For example: 100 grams of silica gel, add 3 - 5 grams of curing agent. Curing agent according to the proportion of 5%, provided free of charge. If users need operation time shorter or longer, in principle, don't take less or more method of curing agent, should contact with the company to provide a new preparation of curing agent.

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