Mold silicone injection molding silicone car work station

by:Cupidove     2020-05-05

car work station with mold silicone products injection molding silicone

rubber injection molding is also called injection glue, manipulation, usually we have injection machine, because of its high viscosity, it is difficult to manual operation, except in a 1:1 ratio and 10:1, usually use more widely now. Injecting glue advantage lies in his hardness is adjustable, up to 70 degrees, it still maintained a good performance, not sticky on the surface of brittle. Environmental non-toxic, no smell, therefore, is to do car component work station in the use of silica gel, have the effect of fixed auto parts, and high temperature resistance, in the automotive industry, silicone application field is very wide, can do work station, make mould, and so on, have a need to understand the silicone products can contact me, Cupidove silicone products wang

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