Mold silicone application in building materials

by:Cupidove     2020-05-06

what do you think the silicone is not matter, it can do less? Role of

mold silicone application in building materials. You will find that the silica gel is everywhere. Bought the new house looking forward to decorate meimei, when decorating smallpox condole carries on the essential, gypsum lines must be elegant decorative pattern.

hard and soft outfit decoration points, jewelry ornament can also reflects the tastes of goodwife, so choose accessories furnishing articles, artificial flowers, beautiful murals, etc to decorate, let the home more sweet.

however familiar life scenes and silica gel have connection?

new to silica gel, feel too slant the door, USES certain limit, the business is done hard, doing the doing, found that silica gel is used in our life.

any item batch production is inseparable from the mould, open a steel mould copper small to tens of thousands to millions, mold the silicone small to 10 piece cost can make the mould, so the silicone is to mold the silicone products USES a wide range of areas.

mold silicone products applications:

for plaster line, GRC components, gypsum/resin/candle crafts, culture stone, cement products, sandstone sculpture, false mould making,

mold silicone feature

1. A two-component liquid, add 2% , mix the two vacuum 3% curing agent can be used.

liquid into a solid, because the soft and complex patterns can be copied, easy to operate.

2。 Soft high tear tensile, complex mode more, realize batch production.

3。 Moderate viscosity, easy to operate, can perfusion, besmear to brush, small white can be a good mould.

mold silicone products packaging

mold silicone storage and shelf life

under the room temperature is 25 c, do not open the packing, 10 months

met the silicone mold, silicone is not matter that I can say, have her, can let our life more rich taste.

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