Mobile phone waterproof, the secret of silicone products in one of the mysteries have?

by:Cupidove     2020-09-10

phone waterproof in People's Daily life has become an integral part of big functions, the rapid development of waterproof technology makes the pool underwater photography photography is no longer a dream. Last year, samsung S8 and note8, LG G6, iPhone8 & amp; IPhone8P also achieve IP68 waterproof. Under the lead of giant, waterproof technology will not only widely used in mobile phones and in the watch industry also has a huge market, especially the smart watch industry. With smart watches, watch the rise of the children's intelligence, waterproof technology is already the standard on many smart watches, just like mobile phone is already industry development must break a difficult problem. Waterproof technology in the field of 3 c products and automotive, medical, etc. Also will have huge market scale.

, then, how to do the waterproof effect of mobile phone? There are two principles: one is waterproof structure, by reducing the joining together of the fuselage, to ease the pressure on the body bare gap seal, plus waterproof glue and silicone seal as backup protection, so that the whole fuselage waterproof ability enhancement. For mobile phones more junction, also similarly waterproof strip material to keep connection, so a full range of sealing structure will be able to stop the invasion of dust and liquid. But the structure of sealing method also has the disadvantages of a very large, it is the headphone jack, charging hole and the inevitable bare outside element can only be through the rubber plug for waterproof, unable to handle the sealing. Another problem is that when using a cell phone if there is a knock against falls wait for a phenomenon, may lead to cell phone structure deformation, this seal structure is destroyed, might lead to failure of waterproof performance. So, handset makers tend to join the second mode of waterproof. The second mode of waterproof is nano waterproof.

today we'll talk about the first waterproof technology waterproof structure, known to many, the iphone 7 & amp; IPhone 7 Plus cancelled the headphone jack, using the lighting switch, without the headphone jack, in terms of waterproof, but also the site of a less easy to fill.

here are some iphone 7 Plus disassembled figure:

( Left) SIM card slot popup hole with rubber ring ( See photo, r) Mute switch adopts rubber ring

( Left) SIM cato using the rubber ring ( See photo, r) Lighting around the interface using liner

the silicone seal: 3. 5 mm headphones inside the mouth closed

easy to fill parts adopt silica gel circles also use silicone seal and the following location:

phone waterproof technology

Mic hole silicone ring/silicone gasket seal

headphone jack silicone ring/silicone gasket seal

side key keyboard silicone ring/silicone gasket seal

Sim open & amp; Tcard silicone ring in the secondary injection molding

Mirco - USB silicone ring/silicone gasket seal, Housing, dispensing with powder metallurgy is assembled sealing

Cover Lens and back Cover foam rubber seal

to see the importance of the sealing ring in the field of mobile phone waterproof and dustproof, why so many mobile phone vendors will choose waterproof silicone rubber products material of the seal? Because silicone rubber o-rings with wide temperature adaptation, sealing, insulation, good dielectric properties, environmental protection and other features, at the same time, high and low temperature resistance, less influence of the external environment, therefore is more ideal waterproof, sealing material, waterproof ring, silicone waterproof circle shaw hardness is 20 to 90 degrees. Silicone seal in the smartphone seal this together on the above, a long time ago, someone said the biggest challenge is unable to make manufacturing crystal permanently fixed on the frame, silicone material, however, to achieve the effect, the current trend of mobile phone framework mainly adopts high softness silicone rubber processing production, high precision assembly after the completion of work not appear crack phenomenon, after adhesive glue reaches a certain effect. So the silicone seal ring in the field of mobile phone waterproof have played an important role in more to!

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