Metal casting rolling over silica gel

by:Cupidove     2020-04-25

injection mold silicone features:

? This product is a two-component plus molding liquid silicone products rubber, the proportion is 1:1 10:1 or

, without being limited by the thickness of the product, the depth of the curing

has excellent resistance to high temperature, the temperature can reach 300 - 500

food-grade, avirulent insipidity, through the FDA food grade certification

, high tensile strength, tear strength, rolling over more

heat curing, easy molding, easy to operate

injection mold silicone application:

used in imitation zircon, imitation gemstones, resin, crystal plane, simulation drill hole of mold production, can be used for tooth die, precision car, model, the model of the mechanical parts and other products manufacturing, also can be used in the furniture industry and electronics industry production of the mold of the manufacture of products high transparency, demoulding good virtues, can see the mold filling and if there is a bubble defects such as casting materials.

injection mold silicone products to technical parameters of



appearance ( A component)

transparent liquid

A and B component proportion


A component CPS viscosity

50000 - 60000

operational time ( 25℃) Min


vulcanization conditions ( ℃/小时)

24 or 25 ℃ / 80 ℃ / 0. 5 h ~ 1 h

density/g · cm - 3

1。 1

hardness ( JIS)


elongation at break / %

p 450

/ KN m. - tear strength 1

20 p

tensile strength/Mpa

7 or higher

line shrinkage / %

0. 1

injection mold silicone method of use:

1, the hybrid: A component ( The base glue) And the B component ( Curing agent) According to weight ratio 10:1 or 1:1 mixed, mixed can manually or using equipment.

2, deaeration: after mixing the rubber should be deaeration before filling mould. When a small amount of use can be carried out within the vacuum dryer, under vacuum, the volume of rubber foam can increase 4 ~ 5 times, therefore, deaeration container volume should be 4 ~ 5 times larger than the volume of rubber, colloid product back to normal in a few minutes, when the surface without air bubbles escape ( About 10 minutes) Deaeration process is completed.

3, surface treatment, rubber mold surface or need to contact the potting material surface should be clean after using liquid paraffin as a release agent, etc.

4, sulfide and demoulding: after mixing deaeration rubber in 120 + 5 ℃ drying curing 30 minutes, 80 ~ 120 ℃ drying curing 2 ~ 3 hours, at room temperature curing time is 24 hours, curing temperature and time according to the process conditions.

packaging, storage and transportation and points for attention

1, this product base gum using 40 kg/group or 400 kg/packaging.

2, this product is a non-dangerous goods, should be sealed storage, and in a cool place, prevent the rain, sunlight exposure.

3, this product storage period for half a year. If the viscosity increases, in the process of storage (under the action of a shear force Stir) Can restore its liquidity. It is recommended to use when the first container mixing rubber on, and then mixed with curing agent. Extended retest after qualified can still use.

4, in the process of operation should avoid contact with condensation type silicone products rubber vulcanizing agent. May cause rubber vulcanization and amine, sulfur, phosphorus and other chemical

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