Medical grade silicon rubber products have the classification

by:Cupidove     2020-09-29
Recently this period of time, silicone rubber products consumption gradually into a rising trend, many ordinary silicon rubber products have returned to the scene of a single is the new development of silicone rubber products. Take above the tide of the market at present the medical grade silicone rubber products, external use of the human body and implanted in the body, have a lot of market change, especially the European and American countries, medical grade silicon rubber products research and development and the import has reached a new level. Then what on earth are medical grade silicon rubber products that are different, as by silicone rubber products factory below small make up shallow light for you.

medical grade silicone rubber products, of course, is mainly refers to use in the medical field, using range including medical devices and patients into two major categories of the body. Begin with medical equipment, medical grade silicon rubber products mainly some medical accessories, such as blood pressure measurement of silicon rubber tube and airbag, a bit of silicon rubber tube, and the floor of the operating room with silica gel pad, etc. , are using medical grade silicon rubber processing and shaping high temperature. From the implantation in the human body, have breast augmentation and rhinoplasty with silicone rubber products, and the heart of the internal need some silicone rubber fittings.

both in use is not the same as above, production standards and health level, of course, also has the very big difference, commonly used in silicone rubber products manufacturers of raw materials are imported dow corning silicone rubber raw materials, each an invoice is the official database from dow corning. Every batch of raw material is need to dow corning headquarters issued in person, but the medical grade silicon rubber products because raw material costs are very high, on the market also appeared a lot of fake goods, a lot of silicone rubber products manufacturers because of cost savings, use informal channels to the raw material, resulting in a lot of problems in the process of using.

the original dow corning silicone rubber material after implantation in the human body, the use of time is at least 20 years. Not rejection to human body, also won't because of time filtering effect to the use of the product.

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