Material to make a distinction between with perkin vulcanization silicone products where is the difference?

by:Cupidove     2020-08-16

silicon materials widely used very widely, the morpheme in different industries, they are also called silicon oxide or silica gel, as is often the case, on both sides of silica gel according to its properties and components like 'machine silica gel and inorganic silica gel'

the effect of inorganic silica gel products is special, we in the life of many protective agent and desiccant is made by it, as a result of the silica adsorption force, in the process of normal use can take it to the very good adsorbability, usually is to use sodium silicate and sulfuric acid reaction, and the aging, made by a series of post-processing process such as acid bubble, high adsorption properties, thermal stability, chemical stability, high mechanical strength, so the inorganic silica gel also often appear in front of you.

the role of organic silicone products is more extensive, is very common in our life, consumers may usually call it as the rubber, because it have many acquaintance with rubber, it is mainly divided into silicone rubber, silicone resin, silicone oil, silane coupling agent four categories, because both contain & quot; Organic groups & quot; And contain & quot; Inorganic structure & quot; , this kind of special composition and molecular structure, make it a set of organic matter and inorganic matter of functions in one, compared with other polymer materials, the combination of the material composition of high purity, produced the product functionality is wonderful, so now a lot of silicone products manufacturer in this art has been passing on.

in the silicone industry, the role of organic silica gel and used widely, it is mainly divided into several kinds of material level:

normal silica gel: this category is the most widely used silicone products manufacturer, its main function normally in auxiliary didn't see a lot of silicone, industrial parts, miscellaneous pieces of electronic silica gel, silica gel mechanical seal, and so on, because of good performance, low material price is so widely used.

gas phase silicone:

gas phase silicone also referred to as 'food grade silica gel, this kind of material compositions on the high side, after the products produced higher purity, can achieve environmental monitoring of import and export certification, so it is widely used and some of our living products, children's products and accessories, this kind of products the difference and common materials tensile strength, elasticity, shrink back have different difference, other basic.

medical silica gel, this kind of product is high, because the composition of the silicone material through fine processing, each silicon molecules need to be available medical level, mainly function is good, the material quality, can direct contact with human body organs without any conflicts, the main effect of this kind of products in the health care industry as well as close to the healthcare industry kind of silica gel products

followed by perkin sulfide, this kind is in the silicone raw materials adding certain perkin curing agent, the product performance improvements in all aspects, to completely non-toxic, completely temperature, no chemical residue, temperature is reduced, and production product efficiency is improved, the effect can be directly to achieve non-toxic tasteless, more safe and reliable, and medical level is the main advantage is the product without any phenomenon such as pale yellow.

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