Material selection, different functions of how to select material of silicone rubber products

by:Cupidove     2020-09-02

people say clothes make the man horse saddle, so use in the silicone industry also have the same meaning, different functions with different materials to achieve its function, such as the product of different color is tie-in and different hard softness choice needs to be carefully selected to achieve, so this problem has caused many designers went wrong, don't know how to choose, but the collocation of different ways for the silicone products manufacturer and material technology has different difference.

for the appearance and structure of silica gel products can be divided into shape, the product color in two ways, the way the silica gel products limited, a lot of hollow and groove in the material can not meet the effect or do not, but after a little small changes in the structure can achieve a goal, so it can do most of the structure shape, can choose any color.

for functional choice, different products have different ways of select material.

1, the material characteristic, common in this category is more, different silica gel products project requirements and testing different material properties, so you need to choose different properties of raw materials to distinguish, industrial-grade can achieve adaptive effect can, food-grade effect you need to reach ROHS, FDA, LFGB all sorts of strictly controlled, such as material, medical level it needs to do more advanced test and achieve more advanced features.

2, material is qualitative different, for material can make different functional testing, and silicone rubber products such as processing in the process of production because of structural problems that need to be forced demoulding, only under the lower hardness in use process because of the support strength is not up to standard, need to enhance the hard softness of silicone rubber products to meet the use requirements, and so on. So hard tensile force and softness of the material will be well prepared.

3 modulation materials, special requirements, some products need to use in the specified domain or jobs, so they need to achieve in the process of product use some special requirements, such as high hardness, modulation, high transparency and conductivity, flame retardant, high tensile, and so on special demand function needs to be from the above material and process to begin.

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