Married women 'addiction' sex, what makes women 'crazy'?

by:Cupidove     2020-03-31
Married women 'addiction' sex, what makes women 'crazy'? Time: 2020 02 - 26 source: author: reading: husband and wife life are so much loved, there is a big part of the reason is that the benefits of it, so what exactly is what kind of benefits so crazy woman? 1, increase libido. Northwestern university feinberg school of medicine in California's assistant clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology lauren & middot; Team said, straw and other Desire for a more lively sex, sex can better, and can improve one's sexual desire. ” In her research, found that for women, sex is vaginal lubrication, blood flow and flexibility, all these will feel better sex, and help women's desire for more sex. 2, the body endocrine levels more balanced, prevent a variety of gynecological diseases. Proper and regular life of husband and wife can also make female hormone levels in the body is in a state of a more balanced, in turn thought, if a woman friend no husband and wife life for a long time, may lead to a woman's vagina self cleaning function decline gradually, to produce material resistant to bacteria and viruses, after all, & other; Don't iron throughout nature also easy to rust &; , over time, as a result of female vaginal dryness for a long time, bacteria and viruses are easy to enter a woman's body, cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease caused by inflammation. 3, to promote women's reproductive health. Slow aging, as everybody knows, the physiological characteristics of women depends on estrogen to maintain, maintain regular life of women, estrogen secretion is more, usually in order to make menstruation, ovarian function good, delay the arrival of the menopause. Women after thirty-five years of age, bone density began to decline, make love can regulate the body's cholesterol, increase bone density, prevent osteoporosis women, so that the flexible body, brisk walking, keep the young state. 4, reduce stress. A lot of women's health problems are the result of stress, is one example of a heart attack. Sex can help a woman managed to relieve stress. Cortisol levels will decline in the process of sexual behavior, dopamine, oxytocin release, let a person more relaxed and calm mood.
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