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by:Cupidove     2020-09-26

with the development of the Internet, a lot of information gradually began to transparent, self-employed people more and more, more and more job opportunities, and now employees more and more younger, more the pursuit of freedom and equality. Now, therefore, the enterprise managers for these individualizing employees can no longer use the old management model to manage them, silica gel products factory remind: but, with tender management and leadership to capture the heart of the 'young'.

the development of the Internet made 80, 90, this generation has become the main force of the society, in 80, 90, the world, after 'factory management thinking' has not too much. First of all, the personality independence, personality publicity, diversified value orientation, is the new generation after 80, 90, the main characteristic of industrial workers; Next, it is more and more diverse career opportunities. 80, 90 employees after their parents believe in the 'iron rice bowl', 80, 90, after they have a heart not willing to do screw of entrepreneurship; In the end, is the silicone products, such as a big enterprise transformation and upgrading of the trend. It's shakeout stage, every industry management upgrades, talent is imminent. In an era of relative freedom, in the face of a group of the pursuit of freedom and a fission, industry reshuffle, highly centralized, simple and crude 'factory management thinking' has already won't work, don't want to give up, no change will be to the point of no return.

thick DE to slide, flexible to strengthen leadership, popular by ability to the world. After treatment after 80, 90 employees management mode from the 'iron discipline' to 'love education', some less rules, more tolerance and understanding; Less, more communication, the effects of such management may be better. After about 80, 90 after the staff management in addition to the 'salary', 'the heart'. Silicone products managers from the following aspects to understand their real needs: equality, respect individuality, strengthen communication, actively guide, take the initiative to adapt to, as far as possible their subjective initiative into full play.

the boss or managers need to set up an open platform, communication, exercise, 'a platform for everyone, everyone is a protagonist. 'If you're a foreign-oriented manager, you can give full play to the personal charm, with employees' mutual when fans'; But if you are a introverted managers, more than you can 'manage people', in the form of a 'moistens everything silently' harvest of young fans. When powder with each other when the fans become the norm, the team will form a positive cycle of magnetic energy, the potential of employees are constantly, managers themselves are constantly advancing with The Times, achieve a win-win result.

'flexible leadership' is favored by a lot of executives. In today's rising labor costs, strengthen the marketing combination of online and offline, such reform, for silicone products managers, seems to be some not too orientation, puts forward very high requirements on all aspects. As all enterprises with Internet gene, flexible management cadres under the new situation to strengthen leadership, the older the paternalistic and imperative way of staff management the cut out.

'soft' leadership does not mean that 'will', managers to employees cannot indulge blindly, nor excessive constraints, responsibly and to release. Between employees and enterprises should mutual tolerance, mutual understanding, so that enterprises can develop better, my lover.

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