Make the simulation of the human body with silicone prosthesis

by:Cupidove     2020-05-14

make the human body for the simulation of artificial limbs silica gel

make the human body for the simulation of artificial limbs silicone is a two-component molding heating or at room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, this product is colorless or skin color oily liquid, vulcanization became soft elastic material, such as human body shape can be made up, sex organs, chest cushion, shoulder pads, patch, mat and other flexible silicone products rubber products.

the model characteristics of silica gel:

temperature range in - 65°C- Can use for a long time under 300 ° C and keep its soft and elastic performance, excellent electric properties and chemical stability, water resistance, ozone resistance, weathering resistance, no corrosion, has a physiological inertia, avirulent insipidity, line shrinkage rate is low, easy to operate, etc.

the operation method of silica gel:

mix A and B components according to 1:1 evenly, after vacuum deaeration can irrigate, operating time depends on temperature, 0. 5 - 3) H, vulcanization time ( Room temperature) 12 - 24 h, heat - 80 120 ° C to sulfide in dozens of minutes. According to user requirements can match into red, yellow and other colors.

artificial human silicone application is very extensive, adult toys supplies, health care, technology products, and so on, is through the FDA food grade certification of environmental protection silicone, will gradually replace not environmental protection material, such as TPE, TPR,

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