Make the human body for the prosthetic silicone environmental platinum silicone

by:Cupidove     2020-05-13

make the human body for the prosthetic platinum silicone products environmental protection silicone

production of environmental protection silicone prosthesis are widely used in the human body, health care, adult toys life, hardness is adjustable, soft can reach 0 degrees, can do breast, shoulder pads and other products, can make the human body in the field of medical model, medical equipment, etc. , has the surface dry and no oil, resistance to tear tensile performance is good, non-toxic odorless characteristics, is a product of the FDA food grade environmental protection certification and can meet the performance requirements of customers, the human body the silicone broad prospects, development direction, interested friends can look at.

product features

, without being limited by the thickness of the products, the depth of the curing;

, low shrinkage rate, not emit low molecular crosslinking process, so the volume, shrinkage rate is less than 0. 1%;

, it has excellent resistance to high temperature, the temperature can reach 200 - 300 degrees;

food-grade, avirulent insipidity, through the FDA food grade certification;

, high tensile strength, tear strength, rolling over more;

, good liquidity, easy perfusion; Can also heat curing at room temperature curing, easy to operate

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