Make love in the process, exciting five concealment courageously!

by:Cupidove     2020-03-22
Make love in the process, exciting five concealment courageously! Time: 2019 07 - 22 source: author: reading: are you afraid of itch? You know, the tickling the sex! In life, & other; Tickling & throughout; A lot of people, especially young people, very resist to touch some of their private parts. In fact, this is a good thing that body is particularly sensitive to touch. And our head, and the sensitive of five tickling, also hide sexual pleasure switch in the us, such as the scalp, eyelids, ears, nose and mouth, smart couples learn to skillfully use them well. 1, the ear is known as a sensitive ears, because nerve endings is rich, the ear is sensitive to touch, so blowing to the ear, kissing, or breathing, gently bite bite, can let partners to tremble. Although excitement and a lot of human nature is the physical reaction is not obvious, ears will be red hot, obviously can be said to be the important indicator of sex. 2, said most people may feel incredible, eyelid eyelid is one of the most easily ignored by people underestimate and erogenous zone, kissing the eye can be exciting, with his hand gently blindfolded is a straight into the heart, let each other feel more exquisite. It is important to note, however, it is important to note, avoid rough actions hurt each other's eyes, or unsanitary contact cause infection. 3 why shampoo can let a person spirit is loosened, scalp? Why make people linger street barber shops? Because massage head spectrum can prompt the release of the hormone oxytocin, which is a famous & other Love hormone & throughout; , can let a person heart is full of love, can let a person feel calm, relaxed, so the lover's scalp massage, is a kind of ambiguous and warmth the tease. 4, nose why we will tight on the nose? Why do we lie will touch nose? Because my nose is very sensitive, affectionate nose breathing will tell each other about how much you & other; Want & throughout; And friction between the nose brings intimacy and make people full of strength and good looking forward to. 5, lips mouth contains a cluster of nerve endings, is sensitive to touch and pressure, so to stimulate the lips the way is not just a kiss, with his fingers across his lips, then kiss from light to heavy in the past, also can bring each other intense sexual stimulation, and the stimulation is physiological and psychological double, very beautiful.
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