Make characteristics of silicone materials for the rubber roller

by:Cupidove     2020-05-13

make characteristics of silicone materials for the rubber roller

produce rubber roller of the requirements of the silica gel is more, the silicone products rubber roller have different applications in various fields, have high hardness, there is a need for a soft, etc. ,

excellent electrical insulation, electrical insulating properties of silica gel roller in be affected with damp be affected with damp, frequency or temperature changes smaller, combustion generated after silica is still an insulator, so need insulation in some circumstances, silica gel roller use frequency is higher also. In addition, the carbon atoms in the molecular structure of silicon roller, and don't have to do filler carbon black, not easy to happen when arc discharge so charred, so use very reliable in high-pressure situations. The corona and electric arc resistance is extremely good, corona resistant life is 1000 times of tetrachloroethylene, arc resistant life is 20 times of fluorine rubber.

3, the surface of the silica gel roller with special performance and physiological inertia, the surface of the silica gel roller can be lower than most of the organic material. So it has low moisture absorption, soak in water for a long time, only 1% of its water absorption, physical and mechanical performance decline, mouldproof performance is good, so the silicone products is also used for underwater operations or moist environment. In addition silicone roller with many materials not adhesion, can have isolation effect,

4, silicone products rubber, tasteless non-toxic no bad effect to human body, the body's reaction to mild, with excellent physiological inertia and biological aging.

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