Make breast silicone soft the human body

by:Cupidove     2020-05-14

making soft body breast silicone products

with the development of the silica gel, silica gel quality and species more and more, as human silicone tend to be demanding, because human silica gel to direct contact with the person's skin or even implanted in the body, so generally use medical grade silicone, breast I also very common products, to do, as with the silica gel, is required for food grade is commonly used silica gel, silica gel into food-grade silicone and industrial-grade silicone, the difference between them is the purity of silica gel, medical grade silicone, high purity silica gel inside does not contain harmful substances such as lead, mercury, nickel, there are some very cheap breast can be wary, lane is bad to be industrial silica gel, containing harmful substances, long-term wearing adverse to the body.

so choose breast silicone to make sure a good brand of silica gel, then there is to be the FDA food grade certification, based on this, but also to try a few samples to test first, determine the harmless to the human body rear can batch order glue production.

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