Mainly talks about the silica gel products injection

by:Cupidove     2020-09-16

work procedure differs step there will be a big problem, silicone bracelet is no exception and is quite different from before, during, and after injection, fuel injection is to have a friend for a lot of don't know, he is mainly in industrial to product surface coated with a layer of paint to let customers feel more comfortable, and a product on hot oil process is indeed very big difference, and the effect of injection of lies mainly in rubber and plastic industry to screen printing, pad printing, oil spraying effect, the second injection of silicone products dustproof, anti-sticking viscosity can take to work well, the reason some friends silicone accessories long-term sticky dust because of hot oil problem.

now many friends for silicone accessories accessories has a problem, the product with good after a period of time, there is no original, with you feel is not as good as original, but also a bit of a sticky feeling, in fact this is a silicone products manufacturer injection, not the product, and high hardness products generally do not appear this kind of circumstance, want to some of our special silicone rubber or industrial supplies product high hardness requirements will not appear this kind of phenomenon. Act the role ofing is tasted such products in the market is based on the above cases after injection process, use for a long time also won't feel bad problems in the future.

the effect of injection to distinguish between us it's hard to see with the naked eye, and touch feel still have distinguish above, injection products main characteristic is to feel is smooth, the surface roughness is higher, the face be smooth, not sticky, wear-resisting performance, strong adhesion. No injection products could see their gloss is not high, the touch feeling not so gently with the hand, especially the low hardness products after a long time will produce sticky dust phenomenon, where humidity or moisture aging is accelerated, the surface cleaning after a few times will become very sticky, of course this also implicated in the silicone raw materials and the performance of the vulcanizing agent, when the choose and buy can also according to the above to differentiate between the effect of injection products.

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