Machine hand to grasp the original is silicone material

by:Cupidove     2020-05-07

machine hand to grasp the original is the silicone material

machine hand scratched and pneumatic machine hand, through the pressure control action, can be loose to close, very convenient, can capture different weight, smooth degree of items, a lot of places can replace manpower, why want to use the silicone material, have very strong resistance to tear because the silicone material should be able to tensile, can absorb a certain amount of pressure, not easy broken, good elasticity and flexibility. So the silicone material is choice. Cupidove silica gel for the product, a good toughness, elasticity, hardness of the adjustable silicone products, silicone hand machine is suitable for various items. Process simple operation, long service life, environmental non-toxic odorless, can grab food, friends in need can be himself, Cupidove silica gel set up 20 years, on the basis of quality, refers to the trustworthy,


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