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by:Cupidove     2020-05-15
In the production of silicone products, silicone products of low hardness on the edge of the shape control is bad will appear when the location has broken, this is commonly known as silica gel products edge, why would burst and low hardness of silica gel products? Facing the blasting side, how should solve? A. Low hardness ( Around 30 degrees) The rubber in molding package is easy to appear when the wind ( Bubble) Such as bad, if it's the silicone products body color or translucent color is easy to see many white dots in silicone products, the solution: improve the die temperature, the method of forming die temperature increasing. 2. When the mold temperature is improved package (wind Bubble) And white dots bad solved, but the edge of the silica gel products began to fracture, that is a critical edge. Forming an infinite loop, and improve the mold temperature is critical edge, reduce the mould temperature appears package (wind Bubble) And white dots. Solution: 1. Lower forming mold temperatures, if there is a package (wind Bubble) Prolonged curing time and white dots. The temperature of the molding must be slashed, until silicone products don't explode edge, don't think mold temperatures drop a four or five degrees can be solved. 2. Exhaust stroke and frequency must be good control, exhaust times less as far as possible, if the exhaust stroke can be also shorten as far as possible. 3. Can decrease the vulcanizing agent adding amount. 3. Silica gel products molding the demolition too sharp edge or burrs. Conclusion: silica gel products explode edge easy to appear in the hardness of 30 degrees or so, generally more than 50 degrees is very rare, such as silicone buttons, so we understand the critical edge of low hardness silicone products, in the face of this situation is to prevent and repair, so as to ensure the orderly development of silicone products factory.
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