Low hardness silicone gift a critical edge phenomenon of how to solve

by:Cupidove     2020-09-17

the silicone products edge horn is broken, and clamping adhesive splitting phenomenon is plagued by serious products, product critical edge phenomenon has become the norm in the curing process, have a lot of gift of silica gel in the low hardness and under the condition of circular arc form and cylindrical shape is easy to appear critical edge cracking phenomenon, so small make up concluded several reasons result in silicone rubber products production a critical edge broken reasons and solutions!

a critical edge of the main reason is that the silicone gifts under the condition of the low hardness products have certain radian, and mold in the upper and lower clamping of the interior has certain gap is likely to lead to products appear critical edge phenomenon, one of the most common is the circular low hardness, so that the main reason is that the mould precision error, in the mold processing when CNC correction and knife repairing and other factor to cause.

poor liquidity of raw materials, raw materials nature belongs to low hardness so there is error in add silicone resin and vinyl silicone oil as a result, combined with the temperature and pressure of the machine itself appear product critical edge phenomenon, this phenomenon can make some adjustment on the machine! Vulcanization processing speed is not stable, when the machine and mold have a raise or lower the temperature of the products tend to have critical edge and beat phenomenon, and the mixing temperature and time of the machine when they tend to form a circle, explosion products edge is not a permanent solution!

solution: in the processing of die can narrow the gap between upper and lower mould, as far as possible in the silica gel products factory processing maintain normal vulcanization processing production, mixing the raw materials with high sulfide mixed degree to do, try to keep raw materials mixing evenly, the weight of the product production process control and display method, flat edge, decrease the temperature of the machine product appear not explode edge tear. Here but said the best way to control silicone gift critical edge phenomenon is the machine to keep normal operation, normal and stable product in and out of the mold keeping normal!

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