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by:Cupidove     2020-09-18

the silicone products sales form serious nowadays, remove the face of the production process technology, raw materials and mould and so on, every detail can decide whether the customer can pay for you, especially when faced with new customer details always can determine success or failure, and the appearance of silica gel products industry details to the customer's first impression can affect whether a consensus can become a long-term partner, so products on the packaging with the appearance of the upper every detail should be well testing, let the customer to the most satisfactory products, let's get the best praise.

from the appearance of the product in to the packing appearance there are many details to deal with. In the appearance of the product color matching and color saturation concentration are important visual perception for consumers, so the color with pigment concentration modulation is very important, secondly in touch let a person not rough hands and smooth to the touch, the injection of details should be carefully check whether comprehensive, if contain impurities or have expired phenomenon of raw materials used, mold clamping line is also very important, the product separation line of the burr size often affects the main appearance of the silicone rubber products and so on.

in the appearance of a lot of product packaging on the packaging is the main reason, attract consumers to buy now because many silicone products factory is a humble small packaging reduces the product cost performance, it is the high quality product was destroyed in a package, so don't save costs, cheap goods is not good! The choice of packaging blindly. Should consider how their first choice to show its value, in terms of color make the corresponding collocation, material quality and safety and service life and so on questions, whether can the registered trademark and so on. Concludes, detail decides success or failure, no matter in the product production process, or in the back should be done well the processing of detail, they are not far from you

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