Listen to why they say don't want to buy silicone products

by:Cupidove     2020-09-22

after silica gel into our life, is developing rapidly, make a lot of friends interested in the silicone products, but sometimes we buy silicone products appear problem, so just don't want to use, and even some friends produce tired of silicone products, such as some of our transparent silicone products use the feel is bad to use, or has gone bad, where the knowledge is big.

first of all we know about the silicone products become yellow lead to give us a lot of friends, also is in terms of some accessories, a lot of friends like to act the role ofing is tasted, but with less than a few months, the phenomenon of the yellow, there are several reasons. Bought disadvantages of fake products, may cause yellowing and deformation, generally false silicone raw materials produced by the product will be become yellow or rub off, stretching DuDu is bad, use for a long time after drawing does not rebound, appeared yellow sun may be appeared, in damp places. Product color yellow reason is also because the silicone products manufacturer in the production process in the middle of yellow for the amount of curing agent and adding related.

we have many problems, in the middle of the silica gel products in the production process, and so on in raw materials, silicone products factory now no one dare to customers to ensure every product appear all qualified, even an entirely, but some places still can appear flaw, and whether an inexperienced producers after mixing and sulfide production period of detection will directly affect the quality of the product, lead to the late users use tired, but also has a bad impression to the silica gel, so cause a lot of customers on the silica gel products produce bad impression is mostly in a manufacturer's production experience and the above question carefully!

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